About Us

ProflexSports has been in business since 1985. Proflex is a manufacturer of weight lifting accessories and other support products, such as knee wraps, wrist wraps and dead weight lifting straps etc. We also carry a full line of sports nutrition products at below wholesale prices.

Weight Lifting Belts

ProflexSports offers a complete line of weight lifting belts in variety of styles for men and women with great emphasis on maximum strength, proper firmness and comfort. The belts are made from the finest quality curried cowhide leather for maximum strength. Wherever possible 1/4" thick one piece leather is used for long lasting wear with a tapered front and two pronged brass plated buckles and rivets for better support and heavy roller providing necessary ease of use.

Weight Lifting Power Belts.

ProflexSports power Belts are made to I.P.F. specs in 4" width and 3/8" thickness with heavily lined suede covered material to prevent belt slippage with double pronged brass buckle for added strength and firmness.

Weight Lifting Gloves

ProflexSports gloves are made from top quality goat skin or calf leather. These gloves are strong and subtle for natural adhesion and have padded palms for good grip. Double nylon stitching, hand knit 100% combed cotton or spandex is used for best absorption.

Weight Lifting Accessories.

ProflexSports also manufactures a full range of weightlifting and body building accessories with the same careful attention given to detail as in our belts and gloves. Proflex provides a complete line of high quality protective accessories such as wrist wraps, straps and knee wraps.

Sports Nutrition/Supplements

ProflexSports carries all of the top brands of supplements including EAS, Twinlab, Optimum Nutrition, Labrada, Met-Rx, Muscletech, Nature's Best, Gaspari, MusclePharm, Champion Nutrition, Beast, BSN, Redefine, Metabolic, MAN Sports, Universal, Scivation, USP Labs, iForce, Bluebonnet, NOW Foods, Doctor's Best and many others. If you're looking for amino acids, protein powders, creatine, meal replacements, weight gain, weight loss, prohormones, protein bars, or vitamin products you will find them here at great prices.